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Are your clients ACTUALLY reacting on your verbal and tactile cueing and how do you know it?

This is the seventh article in a series of Teaching Tips from Theo van der Riet, one of three BASI Pilates Principal Faculty and owner of Body Intellect studio in Pretoria, South Africa. The studio is also the headquarters of BASI Pilates, South Africa. An internationally-recognized BASI Pilates teacher, Theo has two bulldogs, Minimus and Maximus, and loves to ride bikes.

As written in the past articles on teaching tips, verbal cueing and tactile input are valuable teaching tools to instruct an exercise and lead your client/s through a session. The question I’m asking today is: Are your clients ACTUALLY reacting on your verbal and tactile cueing and how do you know it?

Over the years I have noticed that many instructors develop trademark cues and methods of instruction. Yes, what you are teaching is obviously working – initially. Cues like ‘pull in the belly button’ the phrase ‘shoulders down ‘and ‘breath in and breath out’. Yes, they work, but for how long?

When you are continuously using the same cues and ways of instructing a class, clients do not register what you say anymore and become non-responsive. It is really up to the instructor to make sure that whatever cue or tactile input is given that the client understands it and is really acting on it. At times you will have to go to a client and make sure that they are doing what you are saying and that you really mean it!

Follow through… check up and make sure you are teaching effectively!

Have fun teaching.

Theo van der Riet – Botha
BASI Pilates™ Principal Instructor

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