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About BASI Pilates

BASI Pilates UK is a leading Pilates education academy with a global reputation and reach, providing academic excellence, and renowned for innovation and dedication. We work hard to churn out an educated and highly trained team of graduates throughout the year, who can take the Pilates message to the masses.

Throughout all of our workshop classes and training solutions, we preserve the classical repertoire and essence of the original Pilates philosophy, while we also supplement it with contemporary experience and scientific knowledge. We always endeavor to grow in substance and not only in size, and will always remain true to art, knowledge and science.

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BASI Teacher Training Courses Certification

  • BASI Mat Program or BASI Mat Intensive Program
  • BASI Comprehensive Global Program
  • BASI ProBridge Global


The Block System® is a very unique and key feature of BASI Pilates™ developed by founder and director, Rael Isacowitz. It is essentially a specialized ‘filing’ system for hundreds of exercises, put in a format that categorized exercises in a logical sequence for Pilates repertoire and ensure progressive structuring of classes within a flexible system.

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BASI Teaching Tips

Series of articles by BASI principal instructor Theo van der Riet looking at different teaching techniques and special teaching concepts to make conveying information from the instructor to the client easier and more effective.

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