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An Advanced Education Certificate CourseThe two day Certificate Course will cover important themes in the education anddevelopment of any serious Pilates teacher or advanced student.“Innovations in Pilates” details the integration of Therapeutic Muscle Stretching on the Pilates reformer. It has been described as the “missing element” in the Pilates repertoire and teacher education.‍

Anthony’s course will introduce you to the latest research in stretching biomechanics and neurophysiology in practical ways that will give you new insights into the Pilates system and dozens of new and effective ways of using your reformer.

Whether you teach in a clinical or well-being based Pilates model, the work will enable you to increase the effectiveness of your programs and offer and new and exciting class formats.

With the latest 3d analysis of movement, the course will also clarify and develop your anatomical knowledge in theoretical and experiential ways.

It is going to be a weekend jam-packed with information designed to inform, improve and challenge the way that you think about and teach your Pilates work!

Course manual is included and participants receive a certificate of completion.

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