Pilates for Hypermobility – Ashley Ritchie, March 2021

PILATES FOR HYPERMOBILITY As a Pilates Instructor I am sure you have encountered clients that are hypermobile.  This workshop will give you a better understanding, signs, symptoms and causes of this condition.  We will look at modifications and assists to support and strengthen the client with static and dynamic Pilates repertoire.  Your understanding of this […]

Foam Roller workshop- Tash Barnard, March 2021

Foam Roller – Tash Barnard Challenge your stability and balance in this Foam Roller Class with Tash Barnard. She finds creative ways to incorporate the Foam Roller in exercises like the Front Support, Push Up, Leg Pull Front, and many more. You can do so many things with the Foam Roller, and this class will […]

Pilates for Neck and Face Workshop, Carme Farre, March 2021

Pilates for Neck and Face Workshop: Strengthen the Muscles and Releasing Tension.  Presented by Carme Farre This workshop will focus on the rehabilitation of the neck, lower face, and upper back by combining Pilates exercises with my unique FaceToned®️ repertoire of exercises which combines traditional facial exercises, knowledge of the anatomy of the face, and […]

Pilates for Triathletes – Ashley Ritchie, March 2021

Pilates for Triathletes Ashley Ritchie, Principal faculty for BASI and global course presenter, invites you to “Transform How You Perform with Pilates” In this condensed workshop that covers Swimming, Cycling and Running, Ashley Ritchie shares how Pilates can enhance your clients’ performance as an athlete. Ashley’s workshop evolved out of her personal experience of seeing […]

Pilates for Golfers, Monique Martinengo – March 2021

Golf requires muscular strength, joint flexibility, neuromuscular training and the perfect balance between mobility and stability. We all know that the game hinges on the ever-important golf swing, a complex, coordinated movement. Whether your clients play golf leisurely or seriously they would benefit most out of a golf training program that focuses on core strength, […]

Magic Circle and small weighted balls class workshop- Julia Pietersma – Feb21

This two hour class will consist of a 1 hour class using Magic circle variations and 30 mins using the small weighted balls, and 30 mins discussion Everyone who books this online class workshop will get a recording of it valid for 7 days.   So even if you can’t make the live event, if you […]

Standing Pilates – Tash Barnard – online, Feb 2021

Standing Pilates Class  Get excited and come experience the magic of Pilates in a vertical position. This standing Pilates class will challenge your proprioceptors and your central nervous system whilst applying all the BASI principles. We will work on your balance; improve flexion, extension and rotation. You will feel energized, motivated and constantly aware of […]

Accessorise your mat with theraband and small overball – Theo Botha

This 2-hour workshop will look at the myriad possibilities that exists using the small ball (over ball) and theraband. Inspired by the BASI Pilates Mat work, these accessories can aid in making the work more challenging or adding assistance. Expand your repertoire options specifically to the mat range of exercises. It is exciting, fun and […]

Mentor Program with Rael Isacowitz – October 2021, London

The Mentor program is the first phase of Ultimate Pilates, Rael’s voyage of discovery to the extreme edges of the Method with the most accomplished of his colleagues and students.

Mat Intensive Teacher Training Course – Bristol – Sept 2021

Price £1300 Modules 1-3 are Sept 25th-26th Modules 4-6 are Nov 13th-14th

BASI Global Comprehensive Program – Devon – May 2021

Price £3700 (£3600 if all paid up before the course starts) (Mod 1 – 4 : 13th to 16th May 2021) (Mod 5 – 8 : 24th to 27th June 2021) (Mod 9 - 12 : 16th to 19th Sept 2021) Times: Thurs 10.15am to 5.15pm; Friday 2 til 9pm; Saturday 1 til 8pm and Sunday 10am til 5pm

BASI Global Comprehensive Program – Dublin – 2021

Price £3700 (£3600 if all paid up before the course starts)

Mat Teacher Training Program – Devon – May 2021

Mod 1-4 are May 13th-16th Mod 5-6 are June 24th-25th

BASI Global Comprehensive Program – Wimbledon – Sept 2021

Price £3700 (Module 1-4 : Sept 9th - 12th) (Module 5-8 : Oct 14th - 17th) (Module 9-12 : Nov 18th - 21st) (for all modules, Thurs - Sat are 1pm to 8pm and Sunday 9am to 4pm)

BASI Global Comprehensive Program – Wimbledon – Jan 2021

Price £3700 (£3600 if paid in full before the 28th Jan)

BASI Global Comprehensive Program – Wimbledon – Mar 2021

Price £3700 (Module 1-4 : March 18th - 21st) (Module 5-8 : May 6th - 9th) (Module 9-12 : July 1st - 4th) (for all modules, Thurs - Sat are 1pm to 8pm and Sunday 9am to 4pm)

Mat Intensive Teacher Training Program Wimbledon Feb 2021

Cost £1300 (Module 1-3 : Feb 27th and 28th) (Module 4-6 : Apr 24th and 25th) (Sat 1-4pm and Sun 9-12)

Mat Intensive Teacher Training Course – Wimbledon – Oct 2021

Cost £1300 (This is a REPS Level 3 accredited course) (Module 1-3 : Oct 2nd and 3rd) (Module 4-6 : Nov 6th and 7th) (Sat 1-8pm and Sun 9-4)

Mat Intensive Teacher Training Course – Wimbledon – Feb 2021

Cost £1300 (Module 1-3 : Feb 27th and 28th) (Module 4-6 : Apr 24th and 25th) (Sat 1-8pm and Sun 9-4)

Teacher Training Courses UK – BASI Pilates UK, London

For numerous years BASI Pilates UK has brought top-class teacher training courses to Pilates instructors in the United Kingdom mainly London. BASI Pilates is the educational vehicle that drives numerous successful studios, supporting its graduates with advanced education and regular industry updates.

At BASI Pilates UK, we are passionate about Pilates and teaching people how to teach others.  Our instructor training is accredited and opens the door to a whole new career in health and exercise, and our London Pilates workshop classes are a great way to start with a programme.  We strive at all times to maintain high standards of professionalism and we aim to promote the cause of Pilates through the teaching of very high calibre instructors and teachers.  Our goal is to ensure that our training and instruction is cutting edge, and that this advantage is maintained throughout the careers of our instructors.

For more information about the Global Company of BASI Pilates click here

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