Benefits of Pilates for Men

Whether you are a body builder working towards a competition or a newbie to any form of exercise, Pilates can fine tune your body and transform your body shape for the better, while still providing a range of different health benefits.


Often, the muscles we use for daily movement are strong, and we tend to neglect other muscle groups that we take for granted because we don’t pay attention when we use them.  For men, this could mean a weak core and resulting back problems.  Pilates pays attention to these groups of muscles and teaches you to train or build muscles in a conscious manner, by noticing these muscles and actively using them during exercise.  Muscles such as the transverse abdominals, the base muscles under the more visible abdominal muscles, are strengthened to form a stronger foundation for the abdominal muscles.  This makes your six-pack more visible.


Men typically have a lot more muscle mass than women, which means that they tend to be less flexible.  Our Pilates classes in Pretoria help you to increase flexibility, and this reduces muscle injuries and increases your range of motion.


Pilates creates a better consciousness of the body, as the exercises are designed to make the person more aware of their bodies while they exercise – breathing is important and actually feeling out the muscles and muscle groups that are used ensures greater concentration and better form during exercise, and this increases the effectiveness.

BASI Pilates runs a workshop specifically for Pilates for men.  See here