Exercising Pilates at Home with Pilates Videos, Books and Online Instruction Manuals


Pilates has hugely grown in popularity in just about every corner of the world, and many people are now choosing to do Pilates at home with the use of Pilates videos, books or online content.  Often the mat work is chosen, but there are a lot of pieces of Pilates equipment that you can buy for home use that will provide the exercise you need.


It is very important that you have a good understanding of Pilates techniques before you start, and experts usually recommend that you at least attend a few Pilates sessions with a trained instructor at home.  Not only can the instructor show you how to perform the exercise, but he or she can also help you to find the best place in the home to exercise, and show you how to breathe throughout the exercises.  It could be difficult for a beginner to start exercising at home, and a trainer or instructor can offer some good encouragement and help with the routine.

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Exercising Pilates at Home

In addition, there are also a lot of Pilates videos and DVDs available for purchase on a variety of websites.  It is however essential that the beginner starts with a beginners’ course, and learn how to perform the exercises properly to avoid injury.  Exercises that match the fitness level and abilities have to be chosen, and it is essential to learn how to perform the basic exercises before moving on to the more complicated ones.  Breathing properly is also important and correct breathing techniques will make the exercise routine more effective, but also more difficult.  Those with special needs, such as pregnant ladies, seniors or those with injuries, are better off working out in a studio or with a qualified instructor.


Regardless of your level of ability or advancement, if you do Pilates at home, you have to be able to recognise when a particular exercise or movement is causing injury.  Different people have different strengths and weaknesses, and it is essential that you tap into your body’s abilities when doing any type of exercise.  While Pilates exercises should certainly cause a bit of a burn and challenge the body, no movement or exercise should cause pain.  If it becomes painful, it usually means that you have sustained an injury or that you are performing the exercise incorrectly, or that you are exceeding your abilities.  It could also be an indication of a medical condition.  It is recommended that a doctor is consulted before starting a Pilates routine at home, especially if there are existing medical conditions or injuries that can be aggravated.


It is also important to get the most suitable equipment, and experts recommend that only the highest quality pieces are selected to prevent breakage and injury.  One of the key items to purchase is a cushioned mat, which can easily be obtained at a variety of sporting goods outlets.  A yoga mat will be fine, but for those who need a little more cushioning, a thicker mat should be chosen.  Take care to select a mat that will not slip out of place during exercise.  Clothing must be loose and not restrict movement.

Pilates videos and online resources are very hand when it comes to learning how to do a new exercise or if you are looking for a new routine.


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