Need In-depth BASI Pilates Training?  Try our BASI Pilates Workshops

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Just like the staunch believers in yoga, the disciples of Pilates take their exercise very seriously, and if you are such a person, you may want to attend our unique BASI Pilates workshop classes to improve your knowledge and technique.


Various different workshops are provided that focus on different areas of interest, such as Pilates for the elderly, improving teaching methods, how to work more effectively with the upper girdle, and how to work with accessories during mat work.  Other workshops and courses include teaching credentials, ProBridge, Pilates for males, movement physiology and anatomy, and many more interesting topics. There are also internationally acclaimed workshops presented by renowned experts on Pilates, which will benefit anybody who attends these.


At BASI Pilates, we are passionate about Pilates and teaching people how to teach others.  Our instructors training is accredited and opens the door to a whole new career in health and exercise, and our Pilates workshop classes are a great way to start with a programme.  We strive at all times to maintain high standards of professionalism and we aim to promote the cause of Pilates through the teaching of very high calibre instructors and teachers.  Our goal is to ensure that our training and instruction is cutting edge, and that this advantage is maintained throughout the careers of our instructors.

basi pilates workshops

Advantages of BASI Pilates Workshops


You will be able to find value in various benefits when attending our Pilates workshop classes.  Workshops in general are sessions that are conducted with the focus on a particular topic or part of an idea as a whole.  They are interactive and often physical, and this helps the attendee to better absorb what is learnt, and to replicate it more effectively.  When a movement is performed, rather than just studied, it is easier to remember the move, and when doing it correctly is important, it is vital that the person physically experiences what is taught.


Individuals can also contribute their own expertise to the session and interactive discussions help to expand on concepts.  Discussions can lead to better, more creative solutions and interpretations, and bring up ideas that would not normally be thought of by an individual.  Workshops also provide ideal networking opportunities, as they introduce the attendee to people with a similar interest.  This helps the attendee to build a structure of social and professional networks, which can benefit them in the long run.


Workshops aim to find the solutions to specific problems, and the interactive nature of these sessions allows an individual to learn more and improve their knowledge base.  Speaking to fellow workshop attendees and getting their input on various movements or solutions helps to tease out problems and to find creative answers.  It also helps the memory to better retain what has been learnt during the session.


If you would like to know more about this very dynamic form of movement and exercise, please do contact our team to find out more about our Pilates workshop classes that are presented at our studio.  You will be able to choose from a variety of workshops and you will be certain to find something that interests you!


As a leading Pilates academy, BASI Pilates UK is dedicated to the further education of the Pilates professional, and offers many workshops and classes all over the country that allow instructors to increase their knowledge and skill. Over the next few months, various classes will be held in London, some hosted by a world renowned expert, providing both instruction and inspiration to Pilates professionals.

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