The Legacy Program - Master II 2023 - FULLY BOOKED

Join us online for Master I and Master II in 2023


January 20, 2023 - 2:00 pm


December 1, 2023 - 8:30 pm


3 Red Studios, Elm Grove, London, SW19 4BX   View map
 Purchasing Master II only – £1100, click here


The Legacy Program is Rael’s voyage of discovery to the extreme edges of the Pilates Method with the most accomplished of his colleagues and students.

There are 4 phases of the Legacy Program:

Mentor program

The Mentor Program is for seasoned professionals who want to hone their teaching skills and study at the highest levels of the work. During this very personal experience, Rael shares the skills and lessons he has learned over four decades at the peak of the profession.

Prerequisites: Completion of BASI or another recognized comprehensive teacher training program and minimum of 3 years teaching experience (2 years for BASI qualified teachers).


Master I

The second phase of the Legacy Program continues the journey with Rael as he draws further attention to teaching, cueing and progression. The primary thrust is the in-depth exploration of master level repertoire that has seldom been part of any formal comprehensive teacher-training program. This is a 3-day learning experience that includes 18 hours of instruction and learning.

Prerequisites: Completion of BASI Mentor Program


Master II 

This third phase of the Legacy Program embodies Rael’s voyage of discovery to the extreme edges of Pilates repertoire and the creative process. It is solidly based on the repertoire learned in the preceding programs and expands on this repertoire demonstrating progression and growth.

Prerequisites: Completion of BASI Mentor Program and Master I


Honors Program

This is the fourth and final phase of the Legacy Program. The underlying theme is evolution and preservation, two seemingly opposed concepts. Yet Pilates cannot continue to thrive without both. Rael delves into much of his own creations both in terms of the choreography and the equipment itself. Yet, it is always solidly and soundly grounded in the original works and principles of Joseph Pilates, paying homage to the founder and creator of the Pilates method.

Prerequisites: Completion of BASI Mentor Program, and Master I and Master II.

We are offering Master II online late in 2023, taught by Maria Sylla and Ilaria Pulidori, for all those who have already completed the Mentor Program and Master I.  It is a 3-day course that we will run as 3 individual days through 2023.  This will prepare us to take part in the Honors program with Rael in 2024, or with other Legacy faculty at a future date.

How to pay and book:

Purchasing Master II – £1100, click here

Here is the date plan, with each date taking place from 1.05pm to 7.35pm UK time:

Master II
Friday 29 Sep – day 1
Thursday 2nd Nov – day 2
Friday 1 Dec – day 3
You can sign up to participate at home on your own equipment, or join a local host that will be running it online in their studio giving you access to the equipment during the course.  To find out about local hosts near you, please email
– if participating in a host studio where there are more than 5 participants there will be no extra postage charge for manuals
– if participating alone or in a host with fewer than 5 participants, there WILL be a postage charge added for your manuals (this will be quoted at the time of posting)