Mat Intensive Teacher Training Course Wimbledon - Mar 2019

first pilates class
Cost £1200 (Module 1-3- March 1st and 2nd) Lisa and Markella (Module 4-6 - May 10th and 11th) Lisa and Markella (each day is 1pm to 7.30pm)


March 1, 2019 - 1:00 pm


May 11, 2019 - 7:30 pm


The Pilates Clinic, 2nd Floor, 7 Elm Grove, SW19 4HE   View map

The mat work course is a stepping stone to the full comprehensive course. It is advised for students who do not have the time or resources to study the comprehensive course, or for those in locations without adequate Pilates equipment.

The mat course is very affordable and introduces people to the foundations of Pilates. Students study the full complement of Mat Work exercises (basic to master level) and the integration of small apparatus into the program.

BASI encourages students to use this program as a springboard to the (CTTC).

Upon completion of the Mat course, you will be qualified to:

  • Work according to the principles of Pilates and introduce them to clients and students
  • Assess posture and posture types, as well as detect postural deviations
  • Solve problems and provide effective exercise solutions to many physical conditions
  • Compile comprehensive and safe Pilates Mat work programs tailored to individual and group needs
  • Adapt a class to different settings and environments
  • Integrate small apparatus into a Mat class to achieve optimum results
  • Use the BASI® Block System to successfully administer Mat work classes
  • Analyze and understand the Pilates exercises based on anatomical and biomechanical principles
  • Demonstrate at a high level the vast repertoire of classic Pilates exercises as well as a wide range of original BASI exercises
  • Modify exercises according to the needs and goals of the individual

Mat Course Syllabus

The course structure is modular. A student can make up or repeat each of the 6 modules (4-5 hours each) at any BASI Pilates host location around the world. Each module consists of practical and theoretical components.

Module 1, The Fundamentals

The principles, the pelvis, breathing, exercise description, historical overview, safety.

Module 2, Anatomy Part 1

Anatomy overview & terminology, joints, centre of gravity, cueing & imagery.

Module 3, Anatomy Part 2

Anatomical movement analysis, muscles, aerobic & anaerobic exercise, the BASI Block system.

Module 4, Posture Assessment

Principles of alignment, posture and posture assessment; types of faulty posture.

Module 5, Core Strength – Back & Abdominals

Core strength, effective exercise, contraindications for the spine, guidelines for successful teaching, being a teacher.

Module 6, Exercise Adaptation

Exercise adaptation, exercise progression, modifications to exercises, using small equipment, constructing a complete and comprehensive program.


In addition to the academic study, students must complete the following hours of study: observation (15 hours), self-practice (40 hours) and student teaching (30 hours).

Mat Course Exam Outline

At Module 4

Written Quiz (30 minutes) on all practical and theory work from Module 1 – 3.

Online, after completing all modules (or in the host studio if you prefer)

Final Written paper

Centralised testing

  • Demonstrate 4 exercises
  • Teach a half hour class
  • 2 Hour written exam (done as above)
  • A summary of hours done to date


Your host will be able to give you more details about your exam venue and date options.

BASI Pilates Mat Course Costs

All mat courses will still be at £1200 in total (excluding exams)

Course Cost

Total to be paid in full 21 days prior to the start of the course or on a first come first served basis.  This amount excludes exam fees.

Stepping UP!

Continuing with the Comprehensive Course after completion of the Mat Course.
Should a Mat Work graduate decide to continue on to the CTTC, the following financial terms apply:

A % of the amount paid for the Mat course (tuition) is deducted from the total Comprehensive course tuition fee.

The student also needs to pay the registration fee  and the cost of the additional manuals.







For numerous years BASI Pilates UK has brought top-class education to Pilates instructors in the United Kingdom. BASI Pilates is the educational vehicle that drives numerous successful studios, supporting its graduates with advanced education and regular industry updates. From 2014, program directors Theo Botha and Lisa Lamberti obtained the BASI Pilates License for the United Kingdom. That enables them to provide top-class education at affordable rates, while enjoying continuous support from the International Head Office in the USA and associated partners. The headquarters of BASI Pilates in the United Kingdom is in Wimbledon, London.



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